Friday, November 21, 2014

Writer's Block?

As the weather cools, it seems progress in editing the mighty tale has also. For whatever reason, contact with my editor has grown cold of late. Not cause for a total stress-out by any means, but the not knowing is generally like whenever you don't what's up with your kid! And is not one's written work not like unto your child? Of course it is.

In more positive news, work on what shall be the third installment of the series continues humming along. But first, a little background; for one might ask, "Third?" "What about the second?"
In its initial writing, CrossGate was a singular, sweeping epic with a marked shift in story somewhere around the half-way point. It was at last decided during editing/marketing consultations to split the original chronicle into two parts for consistency and book-size considerations. The second book is tentatively entitled EarthGate, and deals with what is commonly known as 'The Rapture' in a decidedly Sci-Fi perspective. 

Thus, when a new story began to gel, it would naturally have to become Part Three, which is going by the working title of CrossOver. CrossOver introduces some interesting new concepts involving a particular warcraft of Russian design, as well as a zombie apocalypse flavor (except with demons rather than the walking-dead!). Additionally, it brings a nice twist to the lead character of Cassie which she has lacked through Parts 1-2: some romance!