Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It has struck me in these recent days since putting up this blog/site, just how truly blessed I've been in having been given this epic story to tell. We often talk of gifts or talents that God endows to people. For many years I  thought I was fairly fulfilled simply by the insights I've been granted over time. Spiritual awakenings, reflections of awareness, views of the world and things out-of-this-world! It has been all good and still is even today.
But the gifting of an entire novel series and realm therein! I could say the rest of it doesn't compare, or that its icing on the cake. Either would be true. Beyond that, the avenues that await, the opportunities I'm not even aware of yet to share with others through the vehicle of these books in waiting! It is a journey I had not expected to be making, but am sure glad I am! To quote one of my characters, "Praise Be!"   

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It is my wish that other networks that may be created out of the fictional story of the CrossGate might be attention to the situation of single parents. I personally, have been involved in this realm for many years, a single parent myself.
They say you write what you know. Though I was aware that my family-split crisis in the CrossGate storyline came about thru my own familiarity with it personally, I failed to see the gravity to which it could reach. It has been my experience around many solo child-rearers, that the relational avenues created from the core family break-ups often lead in positive directions one could not have imagined.
This too is reflected in CrossGate. It would be my hope that, in the future, with completion and attention to the novels, the realm of CrossGate may draw equal positive attention to the plight of single parenting.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Welcome to the first day of  Crossing-the-gate - a new page tracking the progress of the upcoming book series of Cross Gate. It shall also be the personal, day-to-day entries of its writer, A.F. Roberts.

Today, just happy in the time to give to it. As with all of us, the daily grind can not only drag on us physically and mentally, but take us away from our lives outside the workplace, if we're not careful. That is, of course, if we allow it. Though, sometimes there's not much we can do.
Then cometh, the weekend!

Look for more insights, reflections, and updates on the books in the days and weeks to come.