Friday, February 6, 2015

Walkin' the Dream

One foot in front of the other - just like everything in life, that's how you got to tackle bringing the dream to life. As in, getting a book done! More chapters returning from proofing, so plodding along I go! It's been awhile - as during the holidays, not much was coming back to work on. I've actually found that I have missed it! 

I look forward to some fresh inspiration, as new movies hit the big screen; some book-to-movie themselves. Insurgent (Divergent sequel) arrives in about a month, plus Jupiter Ascending premiers presently. Down the pike, coming back to television is the old hit Heroes, now Heroes Reborn. It may sound ridiculous to look to such as fuel for the fire, but so much of the writing of Cross Gate has occurred that way already. In my latest writing (Cross Over), The Walking Dead no doubt inspired my minions of the demon-possessed, in an apocalyptic atmosphere.

Here's to creativity and inspiration!