Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sleep... or... Death?

I do not know if it is because we are now into the 'summer-death' here in grand 'ol Phoenix that I thought of this, but it came to me recently nonetheless. Or perhaps it's because of watching too much crime drama before going to sleep, who knows.

The notion is this: A common custom we have in covering ourselves; and I'm not talking about the clothes we wear. I'm speaking of how, when we sleep, we cover up - with our sheets and blankys. We generally do it fully, the entire length of our body, except our head. And all the while as we slumber, we are basically unconscious.

Now, the morbid part. When a body becomes deceased, permanently unconscious, we do the same thing; cover it all, head included! Why these dark curiousities come to me I'll never know, but I find it interesting how close these two customs are, and I guess how close sleep and death must be. I suppose it's as close as the foot or two difference in covering, or not covering that head!

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons the parallel came to mind was working on the Cross Gate novels, which have so much to do with sleeping and dreaming. Thought I'd take a few moments out of all that to share my twisted little observation.

Sleep on that one, why don'tcha!